What to include in a resume

What to include in a resume

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The labor market has a massive selection of a variety of jobs. It is not a secret to anyone that the more attractive the position offered, the higher the number of those who would like to get this place, which means that the competition is higher. In order to increase the chances of getting the job that you want, you should correctly and accurately make up your resume.

A large number of professionals got a position in famous firms and leading enterprises, thanks to an excellent resume. Such a document creates an initial impression of you. Let’s see how to arrange it and what to write about yourself in it.

Structure and requirements for a standard resume

A resume is a severe and often obligatory document in which your skills, education and work experience are noted. It is your presentation and your business card, so you need to make your boss understand that you are a great employee.

Remember the essential characteristics of the resume:

  • The document should not be too long. Its optimum volume is one page.
  • The font of the entire document should be understandable and readable.
  • All personal qualities and skills are written exclusively in the form of the present and the first person and in no other way.
  • The entire document should be in the same style.
  • A photo must be attached to the resume. It is vital that the image was just you and no one else.
  • There should be no typos, spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • The whole document should be designed in a business style.
  • The resume is written in the language often used in the organization to which you submit it. For example, if the company is based in France, then the resume should be translated into French.

When making his or her own profile, any person is faced with a problem of describing something. Considering the various options for a possible resume, the experts noted that they are somewhat similar to each other. The main points of the questionnaire do not depend on the position for which you are applying, in spite of everything they should always be present.

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