What is a cover letter for a resume

What is a cover letter for a resume

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The cover letter is an additional integral part of the resume when applying for a large foreign or domestic organization with Western foundations.

If you are applying for a position in a foreign company with a global brand, then you need to approach with full responsibility for writing and writing a cover letter.

According to generally accepted rules, a cover letter is issued:

  • on a separate form, if the resume is sent in printed form;
  • in the body of the email, if the resume is sent by email;
  • details, title, date, name and address of the recipient must be executed in accordance with the rules of writing business letters.

A cover letter to the resume is usually provided on a separate form with the requisites of the applicant or in the body of the email (message).

Let us highlight the main points that need to be reflected in the extended form of the cover letter:

  • The proposed position for which a resume is provided.
  • Reference to the source from which it became known about the job offered.
  • Offer to the employer consideration of your candidacy.

Quickly, but accurately and meaningfully make an extract from the resume, in order to justify the suitability of your professional and personal qualities of the position for which you are applying.

It is necessary to say about the readiness to work with dedication and professional growth, in the direction indicated in the vacancy, in this particular organization.

Willingness and desire to pass a personal interview or interview in the company, during which you can more fully and accurately provide information about yourself.

For example:

I am pleased to accept the offer to meet and tell a little more about my work experience and the possible potential. You can contact me by phone … or email …



If you are interested, I will be happy to answer all your questions during the interview. You can contact by phone. Thank you in advance for your attention and time devoted to my candidacy.


Jordan Knight

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