How to write resume

How to write resume

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Personal information. Here they usually write such data: Last name, First Name, Patronymic, date of birth, home address, contacts (phone number, email, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.) and more.

The position you would like to get.

Education. Here they usually specify the educational institution in which you attended and the date of graduation.

Experience. In this category, you must specify all the companies and companies in which you worked. In addition, prescribe the position or duties that you performed; the time period you worked there. If available, merit and rewards received for this work are added. If the job is done for the first time, then it should be noted that there is no work experience.

Key skills. In this part of the questionnaire, your abilities and skills as a competent specialist are noted.

About myself. This is where additional information about you fits. All personal qualities and hobbies that will create only good impressions about you are written here.

Recommendations. All the positive reviews that you got at previous jobs.

Portfolio. Rewriting all successful projects and tasks is not necessary. This paragraph indicates that you can attach them all if required.

Section “About me”. What to write?

A big mistake when making a resume is to skip the section “About Me”. Many simply believe that in the resume, only all the information about professional knowledge and skills is more critical. This is completely wrong. After all, each of us is primarily a person and not a thoughtless working mechanism. Your manager will spend enough time with you, and it matters to him what kind of person you are. The section “About Me” must be present in any resume.

Personal qualities. Here are the characteristics that will render you as an excellent employee in front of your employer. On the website of companies, it is not uncommon to indicate the requirements for applicants for a particular position, which means that some of them can be transferred to this item.

Habits. It is better to indicate here that you are accustomed to bringing all the work to an end, which will characterize you well.

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