How to write a good resume

How to write a good resume

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Sometimes there is a situation in which the applicant does not have any work experience, so he or she leaves a lot of spaces. This is a gross violation. In any case, even if the experience is not accumulated, there is some kind of social activity in which he was engaged as a student or works and works that were written, and the text can be formatted in such a way that it does not seem empty and flawed.

Work with highly specialized words. This is the case when trying to appear to be a very advanced specialist, the resume writer writes it, using only phrases known only to a narrow circle of people. It is necessary to understand that the personnel manager will do the initial processing of your document, although he is familiar with approximate terminology only superficially, and as a result, he can easily get lost in what is written.

Request for a higher position. At the same time, the applicant indicates in his resume that he always performed regular linear duties and in management, structures were stable at the middle-level positions, and now he asks to give him the opportunity to join the managerial staff, applying for the appropriate position. This fact, at least, looks inconspicuous and is sure to become a pretext for refusing to review a resume.

Tactless questions. In this case, the applicant inserts special requirements for which he considers it right to receive a high level of payment, any increases, bonuses, benefits, known only to him. In general, such requests in the business world are considered very tactless and fundamentally not subject to consideration.

Many additions to the resume created. It is not necessary to send along with the document a cover letter, a recommendation and a possible gallery of your photos and any projects created earlier if the employer did not ask for it. Otherwise, information overload is obtained, and the manager in the personnel department simply does not have enough time and sometimes the desire to consider the whole set. Accordingly, your information is put aside and gradually forgotten.

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